Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.- Mark 16:15

Congregation News

Atlanta and DC Region Gather to Praise the Lord in Summer

On Sunday, August 23, the joint 2015 Atlanta-D.C. Region Summer Retreat concluded at Bethel Community Church in Atlanta, Georgia, bringing members together closely in Christ from cities across the

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LA Gracia Church Pushes Forward with Powerful Vision for Latino Outreach

LA Gracia Church has great hopes in bringing Latinos to the Kingdom of God. Though the church is still in the beginning stages, it has a hopeful and powerful vision in bringing these people to the

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US Ministers Share Successful Models for Language Outreach

A recent trend has been occurring in the churches in the United States that encompasses both mass evangelism and a creative use of the talents ministers possess. Language classes have become a popular

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Adult Ministry to Gather Members Across US

The Senior Adult Ministry is gathering a list of all seniors who are currently members of the church so that these members can gather and fellowship with one another.

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Construction Drawings Start this Month in Iowa

Olivet Centers are being found across the nation. One of the advancing OC's is the one in Des Moines, Iowa.

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Eight USA Presbytery General Offices to Amplify its Structure with New System

On July 13, the OA conference announced that Eight Presbytery General Offices will be restructured with a new system to forge

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GnIT Holds Meeting to Form Management System

GNIT held a meeting with several OA church pastors to listen to their management system needs in order to better support congregations.

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U.S. Church Planting to Grow Through Prioritizing Planning

As mentioned in a previous column, the priority of church planting is planning. Ministers who wish to participate in church planting must be awakened to plan and even must "plan to plan."

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Philadelphia: A Great Vision and Influential City to Establish an Olivet Center

Olivet Assembly Mission held a mission conference with pastors in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The city is gaining refreshing attention in church planting project

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American Discipleship (2) 'Neighborhood Model' & 'Lecture-Lab Model'

American discipleship has been influenced by a culture of individualism that has infiltrated the church. Often times, members considered as "disciples" are

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