Jubilee St. Louis Holds Pentecost Event for Local Community

st louis

On May 14th, the second day of Pentecost Event was held with testimonies from diverse people who joined joyful celebration. 

In the morning, two invited speakers (Pastor Devon and Pastor Lehondre) gave powerful message. The lectures encouraged and deeply strengthened the whole congregation to participate in the victories that come from the Holy Spirit. 

Passionate sermons and lectures were followed by barbecue table fellowship where every guest was invited to enjoy delicious food and dialogue. The program continued after lunch to guide everyone to join Sports. 

The perfect weather was a response from the Lord who graciously blessed everyone with refreshing breath and life. The evening schedule was made of diverse performances done by Jubilee members. Dance, songs and praises continued hours with overflowing grace and joy. 

"It is the day we celebrate the birth of the church. I feel the powerful work of God and his merciful blessing towards everyone who joined today," one neighbor said. 

Jubilee World, whose center is located in St. Louis, wishes to expand its local programs and outreach effort to share the gospel to the local community. Successful Pentecost event today will be a starting point that leads every effort to the revival of the community.