Ministry Focus

OLI Internships to Collaborate Continuously with Fellowships



OLI is collecting internship opportunities from various OA ministries and fellowships.

The announcement made for leaders of different areas requested basic information in regards to any programs that can train, equip and nourish Intern staff who applies for their internship. The contents included the period of time, location of the field, position title, job description, qualification and other outcomes expected that candidates would gain after the program.

OLI is communicating with three youth fellowships such as YEF, AM and YD to lay out the plan to raise youth ministers and staff. Ministries of Teen Mission, OA Media department and Creatio also aim to recruit more interns after OLI June.

OLI Internship is a program operated in collaboration with different ministries and fellowships in order to fulfill the vision of raising future leaders for all areas in God's Kingdom. Participants can mature their gift and skills through experiences in fields where substantive works are being carried out. 

OLI June participants who are certified will be able to participate in some of those programs to concretize their mission and direction.

May this Internship opportunity come to fruition in revival.