Ministry Focus

Olivet Academy to Co-work with NY Immanuel to Nourish Sunday School


Olivet Academy is seeking to work together with New York Immanuel to nourish the Sunday school program that occurs weekly with many children from the community. As a ministry devoted to raising children with the best possible education and resources so they can live a life for the Kingdom of God, they feel the need to be involved and working together with leaders of the church so that an effective program can be designed and implemented.

Currently, Olivet Academy representatives will be researching the ways in which they can support the Sunday school program in the best way they can. Through this next week they will be discussing different strategies and needs of the program that could help improve its curriculum or operation. There are many children who attend to the church with their families, and they are just as important to receive the word of God powerfully and deeply through the combined efforts of children's ministry.

Staff from Olivet Academy is considering what the most important aspect of Sunday school is that they need to consider. Additionally, they will be asking past teachers involved with the program what they think can be improved on. Please pray for the development of kid's programs at New York Immanuel Church. May Olivet Academy leaders support them with the resources and tool necessary to benefit their upbringing greatly.