Ministry Focus

Jubilee Orchestra Held a Graceful Symphonic Concert


Jubilee Orchestra in New York presented a graceful symphonic concert on Thursday evening, June 9, 2016. It was held at the Immanuel Lutheran Church on the Upper East Side. The concert featured a wide selection of strings as well as a brilliant soprano. 87 members of the audience attended, while 16 musicians and 7 staffers served. The occasion concluded in joyful chatters and fellowship.

In preparation of this concert, 16 string players gathered for rehearsals. Their professionalism and high levels of musicality could be testified since the first rehearsal. William, a violin player, reflected that this concert was a pleasant experience. He has performed with Jubilee Chorus before. In his own studies he focused on repertoires of the Classical or Romantic period, so playing Baroque compositions was refreshing to him. He also enjoyed meeting different musicians, some of whom he had acquainted with in the past. William smiled confidently, assuring that he will join Jubilee Orchestra again for the next season.

Music director of this season for Jubilee Orchestra, Ms. Gwendolyn Toth also takes the role of music director at the Immanuel Lutheran Church. Gwen testified that the concert was fantastic. The musicians have high musical standards and are great to work with. Gwen also enjoyed meeting various string players for the first time, as she frequently does so. A believer of the Christian faith, Gwen thoughtfully shared that she found the existence of God through music.

Jubilee staff members collectively witnessed the sheer grace of God through this event.

Days before the concert, the preparation works intensified as there were still so much to be done. The spiritual atmosphere was tense. Pastor Aria Gwon, the general manager of Jubilee New York, testified that she prayed and prayed. "Then the chains were broken, the chains that held my feelings," she said. By the mercy of God, gracious donors provided sufficient funds just in time. "God really helped us and gave us future hope. God gave us good musicians, good staff, good audience. Everything was perfect," reflected Pastor Aria. Praise the Lord.

Shu-yu, a current staff of Jubilee New York, also testified about her witnessing of the great works of God. "After our prayers [for the musicians experiencing tension], I felt that the music started to flow. I prayed for unity." Thank God for the shower of mercy and blessings.

God even poured out His grace by stirring in the audience's heart and gathering much donation for Jubilee New York. He surely provides all things when His people seek first His kingdom and His righteousness.

Our Lord alone deserves all the praise and glory for this graceful concert. He is the Creator of all things beautiful--music, people, and longing hearts. May His love continue to unite His people to Him through music. Let those who have closed their hearts once again be touched and healed by the great grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.