US Churches to Add Afternoon Service in Different Languages

service by language

US churches are going to diversify the language for Services from this week.

According to local schedule and program of the church, the first service will be held following the usual schedule for English speakers. The second or third service which will be held in the afternoon is for non-English speakers of a different ethnicity.

Ministers can select a different time slot with a report to the regional general office in advance.

Most churches already have fluent speakers in foreign langauges either Chinese, Korean, or Spanish. Stretching the church service to reach different ethnic groups will increase Sunday service attendants and program participants.

"This is a historic step to respond to the dynamic transformation within the demographic landscape of the United States. OA churches should actively reach out to embrace diverse ethnicities by the utilizing language abilities of every minister," the leader stated.

The immigrant population in the county accounts for about 42 million out of approximately 320 million population. Also Hispanic and Asian Americans count 73 million according the survey conducted in 2014. This means one third of the population are either immigrants or people closely tied with Latin or Asian backgrounds.

OA Churches will start to conduct the second service firstly in the same language of the currently active minister. Every church is encouraged to open Sunday service in all languages the demographically dominant ethnicity speaks in the city.

US church ministers are going to submit a report on population of the ethnicity and the districts where this ethnic group formed their community. Based on the report, churches will weave evangelism and outreach strategies to bring people to the second service.

May this move bring a powerful revival in all US churches.