OA USA to Welcome New Missionaries from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean


The OA USA office is going to open four states through new missionaries from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

The states whose Hispanic population is dominant or increasing rapidly will welcome new Latin ministers to set up active churches.

Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and Utah are on the list for new missionaries to pioneer. States of New York and New Jersey are also being considered for launching Latin churches in the near future. All the states mentioned above stress the need to embrace a fast growing Hispanic population in economic, social, and cultural ways. Churches should respond to those needs with a strategic effort to provide them with a spiritual and Biblical foundation.

Missionaries recommended for the church planting project will receive trainings both in Central America and in the United States as they arrive. The goal is to form vibrant and settled congregations for people who have Hispanic backgrounds in all those states. A detailed process for missionaries to travel until the church is launched is in discussion.

It is undeniable that Latin population in the United States has increased their voice and started to influence many areas of the nation. The effort to give Biblical guidance and spiritual support for these people should be one of the most critical works of USA mission.

May this work bring great fruit of building strong Hispanic churches in the United States.