U.S. Regions Draft List of Cities for Expansion


U.S. church region representatives are laying a foundation for pioneering new churches in their respective regions. The effort is part of a revival needed in the administrative works of Olivet Assembly's eight regions. It is also part of work that OA USA headquarters is leading to provide more specific direction for region leaders in each of the headquarters cities.

"With specific assignments to be followed up with daily reports for the broader church to see, it is our hope that regions will take hold of their commission firmly to lead their regions with a big vision," said OA President Francis Helguero. "This list of cities is one effort in the direction of setting pioneering targets in the months to come."

"Each region has its own set of people and circumstances that need to be dealt with, however the unifying factor is that we wish to spread the gospel to all the people God wants to reach. We wish to scatter the seed of God's word into the hearts of many people in the United States," the OA leader said.

In the coming days, additional specific assigments for the regions will emerge to provide daily results that will strengthen the regional headquarters to provide greater service to the church and related ministries.