Teen, Youth, and Senior Ministry to Strategize Evangelism

Teen Mission

OA USA is co-working with ministries and fellowships for different age groups provide simple guidelines for local churches about how start up their local ministries.

Churches are encouraged to form a group of twelve people for each age group. Each group of Teens, Youth, and Seniors needs to be formed with twelve Registered members by the time of the Summer Retreat in August.

The guidelines should explain how to reach these twelve in every local church with a clear strategy offered by the respective ministries.

Strategies may includes evangelism methods, outreach tips, relevant events or activities for each group and basic contents of biblical programs. Guidance will also invlude about ways to present vision and scheduling through a website, flyer or brochure.

Through this co-work with the various ministries to revitalize age-targeted evangelism, church plants aim to break through 24 members to start the next growth phase.

May this effort bear great fruit until Summer Retreat.