Senior Ministry Holds Video Meeting Addressing Local Leaders


A senior ministry video meeting was held last Thursday at 8 pm. Ministry leaders were invited: Sioux Falls, Albuquerque, Wichita and San Francisco. A potential leader from Seattle was also invited.

The meeting began with sharing of news and reports from different chapters and local group leaders. Chapter leaders reported how their branches are operating with what kinds of outcomes. 

Rafael, Ministry director in OA Senior department, gave them some instructions regarding the sending of information to HQ, especially how to fill up the registration form of each member and to report the activities carried out by them.

The meeting was fruitful as they could meet each other and began to interact. The senior ministry office will offer them support and advise them in any matter concerning the mission and how to reach out to more seniors so that they can attend the church.

The Senior ministry is expanding in all OA churches across the country. The department is striving to set up a system to reach more Seniors in every state with refreshing strategies. 

The meeting will conitnue regularly every week.