1000 US Cities Identified Towards the 2017 GA

church planting

The OA staffs have arrived at a list of 1000 cities they will seek to pioneer by the coming 2017 General Assembly, as per the goals they established already. These cities were researched and found through the databases of the US census bureau. This information ranks the cities by population from the most recent census information gathered in 2014. Missionaries will be able to use this list to find the cities that are of the highest priority to pioneering.

All of these cities will hope to be pioneered by the established due date. It will be shared with region leaders soon as they discuss the context alongside the list of 250 cities that each region leader was supposed to come up with on their own. Each regional office will be able to see the cities that they are pioneering so that they can make clear goals and set up their faith to pray and achieve this.

One OA representative commented, "Pray for the cities to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ and the hope to see God's Kingdom. Pray that the cities can receive the message through the church planters and missionaries that God will prepare to deliver the message. Pray that salvation can come to many people in each city.         

I hope that the list being shared can especially help regional general offices and current church ministers but also other ministries in our denomination and the church as a whole gain strength to evangelize more people, knowing many of the people who come through evangelism could be pioneering some of these places."

The initiative was formed to develop diverse departments and tracks to reach this goal.