Chicago Church Building Share Improvement Plan for Property


Chicago Cross Point Community Church released their goals for developing the OC property for the nearby communities. These goals consist of creating a big chapel on the first floor and making sure the fellowship hall (Dining-room) is more organized to serve programs.

Furthermore, they want to successfully develop the OC library along with the offices next to the library. The library will collect more books in addition to thousands of children books. The staff is in discussion with OA Book ministry to increase the capacity by gathering more resources. 

The small chapel on the second floor will be refurnished to serve group pograms better. 

Cross Point Community Church also endeavors to make sure there is a good quality PA system for messages and sermons being preached. Sound system will be more equipped with better instrumdents to serve music activities. Throughout the second floor, they want to also prepare rooms for children and improving the gym is safe for sports. The Olivet Center property in Chicago has lots of indoor sports equipment. Recently, kids and youth teams joined the basketball team.

They also want to focus on making the offices comfortable, professional, and efficient for daily work. The rooms on the third floor will be prepared for language classes (Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and English), Guitar classes, Art classes and a media center. The renovation plan also includes creating better quality environment also in cafeteria, restrooms and even corridors. 

"We want to imporve the building in every aspect in every corner. It is to serve the local community with much more active programs and outreach events," the director of mission department stated.