Ministry Focus

Youth Ministries To Hold Summer Membership Training


Apostolos Missions and Youth Evangelical Fellowship are planning a joint summer membership training in Dover. The training will take place from August 22 through August 26, after the U.S. Summer retreat dates. 

The week long training is intended to raise current  AM and YEF members to serve their local chapters in the coming school semester. The program will teach students about the heart of God for the lost souls and the believers' active participation in God's Kingdom. The lectures will emphasize shepherding, discipleship, and co-working with God. There will be joint lectures between the fellowships, but also separate practicums and workshops specific to each fellowship.

Each practicum will feature practical guidance about leading local chapters. Students will have the opportunity to evangelize and even teach students from another local campus. 

AM and YEF wish to use this opportunity to gather U.S. students who have an interest and calling in campus ministry. This will be an opportunity for students to learn directly about the responsibilities they must carry for each chapter and also the bigger vision and dream from each fellowship. 

The program is open to potential and current AM and YEF members from around the world. U.S. missionaries especially are encouraged to send people. An application and program flyer will be available by this week.