Ministry Focus

Diversifying and Maturing Different Age Groups in Local Churches


The ministries of Teen Mission, YEF, AM, and Seniors were asked to provide practical resources and strategies to churches so that different age groups can develop. 

To reach the different language groups for language services, certain demographics are being evangelized. Similarly, to reach different age groups there needs to be more guidelines about how to reach them so that churches do not remain unbalanced in only attracting youth or seniors. Any church in OA should be open to any age group and make them to feel welcome and active.


Within the next 3 months, these ministries will strategize to fulfill these goals and maintain close communication with missionaries. Teen mission is having online conference weekly with ministers and plans to organize the guidance that has been offered into resources that are more readily available. The senior ministry is working with local pastors to set up senior ministries while also holding video chats according to their regions. YEF holds conferences regularly and are seeking to refine their resources to more specifically bring students from the campus to the churches themselves.

The meeting gave five essential steps toward establishing partnership between the ministries and the churches.

1.      Inviting people (Where and how?)

2.      Programs (What kind?)

3.      Raising members of different age groups

4.      Programs to run respective ministries

5.      Expanding and multiplying through evangelism