OA USA President Releases Message as Assembly Presses with Church Planting Commission

The following is a message from Olivet Assembly USA President, the Rev. Gerardo Francis Helguero as the assembly presses ahead with its church planting commission.


People with a Purpose, Jesus Christ's Love and Planting New Churches - OA USA President's Message 

July 14, 2016

Being reminded of God's grace in Jesus Christ allows believers to have thankful hearts that can offer prayers to move forward with the commission He has given us for His Kingdom. Noting the importance of time, we wish to make the best use of it by commending ourselves and our lives to Him for his purpose and will.


With this foundation, U.S. presbyteries within Olivet Assembly USA will move to establish churches in many cities across the country.
Believers must hold on to a vision for proclaiming the gospel widely in the time ahead. That vision is articulated in various places in the bible, but finds one of its clearest expressions in the passage in Matthew 28:19, which describes what has come to be known as the 'Great Commission' given by the Lord. 


There Jesus is giving his followers the responsibility to make disciples of all nations, a vision that embraces the whole world and its peoples. His command to baptize them carries with it a profound hope for humanity that can only exist through God's unconditional love, his grace toward mankind who could not have earned or merited this gift. 


To know personally what salvation is, a person must know what it means to be in perdition. The need for baptism exists because man's spirit is utterly lost and without hope, caused by the broken relationship with God due to man's arrogance and disobedience, in essence, sin. But the chance to be saved from this, to receive salvation in Christ has come at a great cost. God gave his Son, Jesus Christ, that whoever believes in him will no perish but have eternal life.


It's a message which is filled with hope that in Christ, man overcome death. This estrangement of a person, and all people, from God is ending through God's free gift that reconciles man to the Lord. This message that is carried by every believer as their personal testimony. It is being shared so that it will become the testimony of many others according to God's will. 

Believers with the responsibility of the Great Commission hold on assuredly with faith to this victory in Christ. With this, they look with hope to surmount all challenges and hardships along the path of life toward spreading the message to all nations.


We must acknowledge that the message is being proclaimed by people have recognized their weaknesses before Him. These are people who were touched by his love and are now freely following the Lord who gave his life for them on a cross. For believers, what was once seen as a wretched and awful symbol of death and punishment has been transformed by Christ's sacrifice and suffering in carrying the sins of mankind, thus revealing his redeeming love. Through his precious shed blood, he overcame death and resurrected to new life that that also brings new life to all who would believe. 

For the body of believers who have Christ as their head, there is that hope in that love that allows them to be used by God to find all those whom He is calling to Himself. The work of the Great Commission has and is taking various forms, through a diversity of people, through local churches, ministries, regional and national bodies as well as faithful people in a variety of work. They desire to do all they do for God's glory. Now the believers, the church, despite mankind's many shortcomings, is sowing seeds of the clear message of Christ's love in an ever greater number of hearts.


Like builders with a clear plan for what will be constructed, believers will be making the plans with faith, commending them to God and trusting that he will do what he has planned, to let believers testify about Jesus to the ends of the earth. As Olivet Assembly moves toward spreading his message to many new cities and their people, may he bless the work and fulfill his will for all nations.