San Francisco Church Celebrates Faith & Family Anniversary


San Francisco Gratia Church held 13th Anniversary Service of Faith and Family Foundation on July 17th, 2016. 

The sermon was preached with verses from Ephesians 5:31 until 6:4. The message reminded a foundation of biblical families in God's plan for the world. They are built on His will and integrity with beautiful hopes and expectations. Above all, the faith comes first when the union of man and woman initiates this basic unit of God's Kingdom. 

The preacher exhorted congregants to deeply ponder upon the secret and mystery of the marriage of which form follows the relationship between Christ and Church. Husbands love wives as Christ loves Church and gives his life for it. Wives submit to Husbands as Church serves Christ. In mutual love and sacrifice, the family is established as a stronghold to advance God's will on earth. 

Those who are not married yet were encouraged to see godly vision and guidance not seeking selfish or emotional bond following the pattern of the world. In pursuit of His will, marriage come to reality in a truthful way. 

The preacher also emphasized healthy and biblical parenting is an indispensible element of families that are intended to serve His purpose. In a fiernce battel with sins, children should be educated and raised as successors of godly ministries and churches to secure birght future and prospect of Christianity. 

Members participated in cake-cutting and fellowship with refreshment. Diverse and invigorating testimonies followed the event. 

Faith &  Family Foundation in San Francisco is endeavoring to build a powerful platform to minister families and children to provide nourishing programs. May their work expand continually.