OA USA Churches Invite Members with Vision for Church Planting to OLI


The churches in OA are all invited to send people to attend the church planting training that will occur in the third week of August. This particular session of OLI is being held entirely to raise up those who are interested in church planting in the US. Those who attend will be given the resources and training they need to be able to effectively plant churches in among the culture and situations of US cities.

Applicants are various ranging from different cities in the United States as well as those from Puerto Rico. According to the mother language and ethnicity, potential church planter candidates possess different target group and areas to which they will minister by launching a church. 

The training session will also be made available to US local church members who also have the vision for church planting. OA Churches have received information and guideline to share with members who have calling to join planting new churches movement in the United States. 

OLI August program is offered for twenty registered applicants who were recommended and approved by local churches and Church Planting department in Olivet Assembly, USA.