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Jubilee USA Launches New Conference Schedule to Increase Christian Musicians

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Jubilee World in the US is launching Regular Meetings newly. They will set up two meetings on Sunday to discuss and share chapter development direction and agendas. The first will be meeting of registered and committed Jubilee members. The second will be a meeting of state leaders and pastors who desire to help launch Jubilee Centers in their local fields.

Jubilee World in the United States has been endeavoring to expand their local chapters all acrros the nation. The objective was to establish functioning ministry to reach 20 musician staff members at minimum. 

The headquarter office in St. Louis is working to improve communication and network with local congregations in all States. Raising powerful musicians is a key to revive church and fellowship mission. Pastors and Church staff are invited to join the meeting to find useful information and resource to develop Music ministry in their churches. 

The two meetings will be focused on strategies and methods to establish new chapters with a clear direction. Questions and Answers will be also shared between Jubilee staff and ministers. The meeting that invites Jubilee local musicians will help all members find ways to serve local congregations effectively with their musical skill. They will be also guided to open events and outreach programs to gather more talented musicians in their local fields.