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Teen Mission Ministry Provides 5 Steps to Launch Teen Mission in Churches


Olivet Teen Mission headquarter is striving to provide clear outlined strategies to establish Teen Mission. Below are five steps that leaders can implement to have a thriving group. The HQ will continue to further elaborate on each step in future articles.

Important: With these strategies, OTM desires that missionaries aim to raise leaders and train these leaders to also raise leaders. Because teenagers have a lot of passion and need a lot of guidance, Christ-like leaders are essential for Teen Mission so that teens can be taken care of well. They will become the key to having a thriving OTM chapter.

Here are the 5 steps to set up Teen Mission:

1. Confirm Teen Programs: Outreach Classes & Bible Studies

Ministers should first determine which programs they will hold for teens(12-18 years old). Through these programs, teens will become interested in the church and become more acquainted with members. The program can be decided by doing a survey at the local high school or talking with members.

Teens are often interested in music classes like guitar and piano as well as language classes, but ministers could also hold Teen Bible studies as a separate program or included them with the classes.

2. Invite Teenagers

High Schools and Middle Schools are good places to evangelize by passing out flyers or surveys. OTM highly suggests that ministers first go to local high schools so that older teens (17-18 years old), who are great potential leaders, can be evangelized. Ministers are encouraged to evangelize at 1 hour after school ends in order to get a fruitful response.

3. Raise OTM Members & Volunteers

As teens join the programs, it is important that ministers and church members connect with them, especially through fellowship events like meals, birthday celebrations, and local field trips. Teens will become more open through witnessing the love of Christ in members and they will have a desire to come more to church programs like services and Bible studies.

Missionaries ought to give opportunities to serve to teenagers who are more committed and have a thirst for the Word of God. These teens can be set up as volunteers and help assist with programs.

4. Run Programs to Sustain Ministry

By this point, a strong volunteer or leader ought to be set up. They will decide on the proper programs and ways to evangelize by co-working with church leaders and current OTM members.

Programs should include outreach classes to invite new people and Bible studies to build up current members.

5. Expand through Group, Relational, & Mass Evangelism

The goal for each chapter is to have 3 leaders and 12 members so that 3 to 4 teens are under the care of one leader. This will create one cell group. Teens are attracted to a group of people, so cell groups ought to set times to evangelize all together and encourage relational evangelism through inviting friends, a great strength among Teen Mission. Another important way of evangelism is through mass evangelism by performing music, a dance, or a play in a public place that will bring in many interested people of different ages.

For missionaries who are interested in learning more or who have any questions, please email