Ministry Focus

Elim Prayer Ministry Held Three Day Healing Event


The three-day-long gathering of the Elim National Healing Prayer Conference concluded successfully on the night of July 31st. Pastor Zechariah led the final prayer meeting after the praise songs performed by the Jubilee NYC minister Dorothy.

After one-hour-long prayer for churches, ministries, and individual prayer topics, Elim staff prayed for all those who had not received healing prayer yet and let themselves also receive prayers from other attendees. It was such a warm moment that many people prayed with tears and cries.

The prayer ministry located in Binghamton, New York, gathered about a hundred participants to pray for the sick, OA churches and ministries. Participants shared their testimonies how the Lord performed the power of healing and transformation of life in their personal experience. 

Jialing Zhang said, "Through this conference, especially through today's prayer meeting, I'm sure that I was healed by God and Jesus' blood cleansed me. I'm so thankful and graceful."

Michael Ford from New York testified, "I was totally set on fire by the Holy Spirit. I've never been shouting in my life like like on these three days. I was just very quiet and shy. I will not give any credit to myself when I pray for other people. I want to give the credit to Jesus Christ."

Dorothy also from New York City said, "It was so wonderful to receive massage prayer from sisters just now. My body was so tight, not because of sicknesses of my body but because of  spiritual burdens. My burdens seem to have fallen down and I got to know that the Lord knows me and He wants me to freely lay down my burdens because He loves me."

Pastor Zechariah gave a brief summary and offered a concluding prayer to give all the thanks and glory back to God. Elim and all the staffs are very grateful for all that God has done during these three days.

They are hoping for greater victory to be gained throughout the whole community in the new month. Praise the Lord!