Detroit Church Releases Schooling Building Use Plan


Detroit Calvary Community Church has a vision and plan to use its school building to serve the community and for those who attend the classes to come to church. 

The vision for this project includes serving the local community "since many people around this area want our church to take some responsibility of the community," said Calvary church pastor Drew Lee.

Pastor Lee shared one specific experience which brings into focus who the church can serve through the school. He said a few months ago he had a chance to meet a 17-year old boy, discovering he wasn't going to college or work. He expressed concern that the boy was "wasting his life" and that other boys in similar circumstances fall into criminality.

"I wish that our church [can] take some responsibility for this neighborhood," he said.

The church currently offers classes for Chinese and Korean languages as well as a martial arts class. Looking ahead, soon one member plans to hold guitar lessons, he said. The church has plans to set up a classroom for each class, starting with some painting. The church will try to set the budget and find funding, he added.

A strategy for finding the people who will participate is to start by offering free classes, then picking those people who are willing to learn more intensively, he said.

"[We] will make intensive courses for them," he said. "We will keep promoting and finding volunteers to make the quality of each class better."

At this point, he said he does not know how many people will join classes regularly. However he said the church would seek to hold more classes if there are many people participating.

Please pray that many people in Detroit can participate in outreach programs through classes and that these may join the church.