US Summer Retreat Commencement Today, Building Pathway for Greater Expansion


The 2016 summer retreats are in their final stages of planning as they will begin on Friday, August 19th.

Each region is holding their own separate retreat with vision to reach diverse people in member churches. Ministers have been hard at work gathering and evangelizing these past few months to bring in as many people as possible. The evangelism has been in full force, with regions having access to fliers that were made by the OA design department. These fliers were customized to each respective region and place around the local churches for the past few months.

Powerful prayer has been set up in order to prepare the hearts of all those that would attend. The Southeast Retreat will be held in Nashville, Tennessee. The Mid-Atlantic Retreat will be held in Richmond, Virginia. The Northeast Retreat will be held in Dover, New York. The Midwest Retreat will be held in St. Louis, Missouri. The South Central Retreat will be held in Denver, Colorado. The Northwest Retreat will be held in Seattle, Washington. San Francisco Gratia already held their retreat last week. 

The retreats will follow the theme of "The Kingdom of Heaven is like..." This refers to the parables of which Jesus spoke of in Matthew chapter 13 when explaining what the Kingdom of Heaven was like to all those who were listening, including the disciples. The goal of these retreats is to firmly place this understanding in the hearts of participants who will burn to grow the Kingdom of God here on Earth.

Each lecture given will seek to inspire those, both newcomer and member alike, to realize the important commission they have been given by God. Several retreats are making several special preparations in order to meet the needs of those who are attending. The Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions will have special kids programs prepared in order to provide for all of the children that will be attending. Each region has also been praying for the preparations diligently.