OA Churches to Plant Daughter Churches in Neighboring States


Olivet Assembly USA churches are preparing to plant daughter churches in neighboring states as a strategy to fulfill the new project "Planting 1,000 More Churches in America" by 2019.

Efforts are made by existing churches to advance the mission to new cities including the mother church-daughter church model, where daughter churches will operate under the guidance and supervision of the existing minister as a branch of the mother church.

The strategy is a possibility that OA USA believes can lead to gains with some additional training for current members. One opportunity for further training will be taking place in the upcoming two-week OLI session from September 26th to October 9th for US Church members.

That training session will cover basic areas related to leadership and can serve to prepare committed members to work more effectively with their current ministers in various areas of need for mission expansion, including the pioneering is taking shape.  Ministers are urged to consider their current members and the opportunity that is open now to begin expanding into other states.

Please pray for additional development in pioneering before the General Assembly.