Northeast Summer Retreat Concluded


Northeast Summer Retreat 2016 was concluded on August 21st in Dover, New York. The three-day retreat was held gathering members from Northeast Churches which include churches of Boston, New York City, Burlington, New Haven, Philadelphia, Portland and Binghamton.

The retreat program was formulated with a theme of "Kingdom of Heaven". In total, six messages and sermons were preached based on Matthew Chapter 13 in a series of parables interpreting how God's kingdom comes on earth in Jesus teaching.

Lectures illuminated a correcting understanding and perspective on the theme which addresses the history of how God's will is ultimately fulfilled on earth.

Participants also joined in activities and programs which provide opportunities to get to know one another and share the Word more profoundly.

The first day ended with a prayer led by Elim International representative. The second night was nourished with Jubilee festival and worship prayer.

Northeast Region reaffirmed the vision of Church planting and ministry expansion through the pastors' meeting after the retreat schedule ended.