NYC Immanuel Plans for Local-Retreat to Communicate the Gospel to the Secular City


NY Immanuel is planning to hold a local retreat this coming month. This event is part of an attempt to engage local people in the city to the gospel and the church.

The most effective way to involve people in the church is to provide them an opportunity to gather. In that regard, there have been many outreach programs such as language classes. However, what's more powerful about the retreat is that many gospel messages will be delivered during the retreat.

The retreat will focus on the messages from the book of Romans from chapter one through four. It will cover the topics of sin and salvation, which is the core value of Christianity. This retreat is expected to redefine the identity of believers and to teach the true gospel to those who are yet to be saved.  

The target audiences for the retreat will mainly be newcomers, thereby serving the purpose of the retreat as an evangelism opportunity.

In order to hold a successful retreat, Immanuel will hold regular meetings as to how to promote the event and most importantly, where to hold the event.

There is a possibility for Immanuel to collaborate with fellowships in NYC to broaden the invitation to many locals in the city, who are in need of the word of God.

Please pray that this event can be successfully executed and concluded.