Ministry Focus

Creatio NY Partners With NY Immanuel Community Church to Develop HQ Building



Creatio has been a longtime supporter of  churches and para-churches through indirect mission serving with various works such as web design, signs, flyers, photography, and interior design. Now Creatio New York will serve New York Immanuel Community Church headquarters in Bronx, NY.   

Creatio NY consists of professional designers and artists. Creatio NY chapter leader and Immanuel Community Church pastor met to discuss how the church can be supported through design and art. Chapter members will have further discussions as the project develops.

NY chapter leader shared, "I am really glad to have this opportunity to serve New York headquarters church with members as a Creatio activity." Creatio NY draws closer to the fellowship's vision of impacting mission and effecting a positive change in the Mott Haven community in establishing Immanuel Community Church's presence.

Please continuously pray for the development of both Creatio and NY HQ church.