OA US Ministries Highlight Five Key Areas to Improve Towards 100,000

towards 100000 oa

During the 2017 General Assembly conferencing, ministries and fellowships within the US committed to several keys areas that would be developing in the coming years towards reaching 100,000 members. These five topics were collectively approved by the ministry leaders: Departments, Sub-Ministries, Education, Training, and Facilities

Just like Olivet Assembly USA, each ministry should divide the works of their ministry into departments that can special and manage the different aspects of performing ministry. For example, most ministries will have design, education, IT, and media department within their respective structure. In setting up these departments, ministries will have a more focused headquarters to develop their cities chapters.

To prepare for the push of growing more membership, ministries are considering expanding into support areas outside of their main focus. For instance, a campus fellowship would look to form sub-ministries that can address certain areas like retreats, volunteering events, online mission, published media outreach, etc. Each of these areas requires specialized focus, and ministries hope to find their way in each potential field.

Additionally, ministries are hoping to expand their education opportunities to include more Bible studies and resources that can help to encourage and uplift membership. Training will also be focused to produce leaders who can manage local chapters efficiently and communicate with the headquarters.

Finally, ministries will also work on expanding the facilities that they have to offer. With more facilities available, events become a lot easier to organize and stable to hold. More people can be gathered when ministries are able to have a gathering place of their own.

These five topics will be the focus of each ministry in the coming years towards 2021. Please pray for the growth and development of US ministries as they try to improve their Departments, Sub-Ministries, Education, Training, and Facilities to grow the Kingdom of God.