OA US Churches to Develop Bible Study and Evangelism Systems to Prepare for Growth

Ollivet Assembly
(Photo : OA USA)

US churches are focused on developing evangelism and bible study systems that can help gather additional people through outreach. Schedules and programs are being designed to be more accommodating to new participants. With greater clarity in scheduling schedules for these matters will allows the church leaders are aiming set apart the proper time to hold additional events as membership in the churches grow.

Churches are looking ahead toward new membership heading into next year, with goals in line with General Assembly aims determined earlier this year. Specific programs are being coordinated to connect new members with Olivet Leadership Institute programs  in the coming months.

Churches are encouraged to have bible study and evangelism systems that are dynamic so that ever greater number of participants can join in a mass evangelism effort across the country. Please pray for the development of US mission and for churches to develop their systems well to meet the needs of those who are hungry for the Word of God.