New Year's Greetings

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16

Greetings to all in this New Year in the name of Jesus Christ.  May God bless all who in their heart desire to know God and learn what He has done for humanity through His Son Jesus Christ. 

He has loved us to the end, giving His life for us, that we may not be condemned but have eternal life. If you can put your trust in Him as your savior, you can enter into this beautiful relationship of grace and mercy with Him.

There are believers in Jesus Christ who are members of His body, living their lives with Him as their head. They are united as a family that not only cares for those who are already members, but for all people. It is their hope that they can newly enter into a relationship of love with Jesus and be one with Him. 

This coming year is a new time in which God continues to call many people to Himself. He is calling people from all over the world in many different ways, including through those people who already trust in Him.

It is my hope that anyone with ears to hear can listen to the Lord's calling and join Him, worship Him, treasure Him in their lives and live following his word.

Members of the body of Jesus Christ at Olivet Assembly are diverse, yet united in their faith in Jesus and the direction he is setting out for their lives. It is my hope that these believers and anyone else who places their trust in the Lord, has a fruitful year ahead, giving thanks for all the Lord has done and what he will do.

In Jesus Christ,

Gerardo Francis Helguero
Olivet Assembly USA