OA USA to Develop Quarterly OLI Program in 2017

OAUS OLI Yearly Program

OA USA will be working to develop a system of OLI programs to be held all year round. Last year, two OLI programs were held that helped to bring over 30 students to attend intensive Bible training in Dover, New York. OA hopes to increase that number tremendously this year by introducing more programs and various levels of training so that a larger net can be cast for raising future leadership.

OA will plan to hold spring, summer, fall, and winter programs for members. The spring program will be held during spring break, the summer program for the month of June, the fall program during the end of September, and the winter program during the winter break period leading into the New Year. These programs will be geared towards raising leadership that can serve at the national and regional HQ level in supporting church mission growth.

In order to fill the goal of raising additional staff for the US general office, this level of programming will be necessary to give the proper training and opportunity to future staff. Internships will also be made available at the end of each program in order to co-work together with ministries in the US. Registered membership training is also being considered to assist churches in training established leadership and members.