Olivet Seminary Concludes with Abundant Grace in NYC

Olivet Seminary

Initiated by the collaboration of OTCS and NY Immanuel church to help strengthen and further boost members' faith, the first Olivet Seminary lecture series was launched five weeks ago and concluded with abundant fruit on January 5. Through the class, many attendees' eyes were open to the deep world of love recorded in the book of Genesis. 

Over 40 individuals signed up for this Bible lectures onsite or online. "I thank God for the great opportunity to attend the lectures on Primeval History provided by Olivet Seminary. Though I registered as an online student, I actually attended all the five lectures on site because I got so much grace in the first lecture and I decided to do so then," shared one attendee, Nicole Li.  

"I felt my soul was watered and renewed by the precious word of God. It profoundly and systematically taught the primeval history in the book of Genesis, which turns out not only to be knowledge to me but also the powerful truth that opens my eyes to know more deeply about God's love and see more clearly my sin. Once again I want to walk with God to restore myself and the fallen world to what God planned and created in the very beginning." 

Sharon, who attends Immanuel Church Chinese services regularly, joined the class and received a lot of grace. She shared that through the lecture many questions she had on Genesis received answers and she was touched to know the precious meaning of the image of God inside her.

NY Immanuel Church(M) plans to offer more classes via the platform of Olivet Seminary where members can grow their faith with qualified seminary lectures on. May the knowledge of the Lord fill the earth as the water cover the sea(Isaiah 11:9) and the people of God be strengthened and renewed.