Ministry Focus

AM USA Prepares for the Spring Semester, Strategizes Raising Leaders in the Region


Apostolos Missions International is welcoming the Spring semester in U.S. universities. This is the time where students are returning to classes and a new season of campus mission can begin. There will be a strong focus to raise leaders throughout this new semester. 

AM is seeking to bear fruit in this coming semester by setting up leaders who can continue to lead the chapter while the church leader focuses on church mission. 

AM wants to open the door for continual training and internship opportunities. The difficulty for campus mission is that most leaders are students and have to attend classes. However, AM will utilize the campus breaks in order to welcome student volunteers and potential staff members. 

AM internships are available at all times. However, the HQ will open a formal session during Spring Break where students will have a week to spend at the HQ. AM is praying to gather at least 12 students during Spring break and open a bigger internship program during the summer break. 

Please pray that the AM HQ may support the growth of US churches greatly so that an army of people can be distinguished to join the movement of AM.