Immanuel Church NYC Holds Gracious Christmas Retreat

NY Immanuel Christmas Retreat

On Saturday, December 17, Immanuel Community Church NYC held a one-day Christmas retreat in the Bronx. Members from the northeast region braved the snowstorm on this white Christmas retreat day from Philadelphia and Boston.

The program consisted of 3 lectures, prayer, and testimony time. The staff was concerned that participants would be too few because of the weather, but by the grace of God participants were added one by one. Grace was overflowing as participants did not hold back from sharing and testifying during breaking bread time and also lunch and dinner.

The event concluded with several performances from elementary school children and a time of testimony. Although people were shy at the beginning to speak up first, but after one person shared, many willingly stepped up to share their reflections from the lectures and testimonies of grace and the physical storm they braved to arrive at the retreat.

New York Immanuel believes that many hearts were opened from the event and God worked powerfully in each attendant's heart. As the time of Christmas approaches, Immanuel is praying for the unity of hearts and each person's preparation to receive Jesus once again in this time.