NY Immanuel Church Strengthens Mission with Collaborative Efforts During Lent

NY church

NY Immanuel Church(M) begins Lenten period with great hope in a collaborative effort with Fellowships to revive local mission. Active discussion between YEF, AM, OTM, Jubilee and Church ministers have been ongoing. The Lenten period will mark the transitional time for NYC mission through deeper unity with the Lord in his cross and resurrection for the true spiritual revival.

The evangelism plan has been set to target major colleges like Columbia, NYU, City College in the city as well as high school teens in the neighborhoods of the Bronx. A mid-Lenten retreat will be held on March 25th on the NYU campus to prepare attendees for the coming Easter retreat. A worship-prayer night is also in discussion with Jubilee leaders to be held in the Lenten period. Immanuel ministers pray that through all the preparatory events before Easter, the evangelism can be focused and a large number of people gathered. 

The goal of NYC mission is to gather 70 attendees for the Easter retreat from April 14 to 16. The 40-day Lenten message has also been studied on Ash Wednesday that will go continuously from John 13 till 21 during Immanuel regular services. May God bless the collaborative efforts and bring revival to NYC mission during this time.