AM MIT Submits Application for Club Recognition


Apostolos Missions at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) recently submitted the application for approval as a club at the university. When approved, AM will be recognized as a part of the MIT student life community. 

AM MIT student leader, Jonathan Thomas, worked to submit the necessary documents in order to receive this new status. Club registration status means that AM will be able to reserve rooms at the campus and also be able to submit a budget for school activities. They will also have access to reach students through email and openly publicize fellowship activities on campus. 

MIT is largely considered one of the best private institutions in the world. Students from MIT often grow to be very influential and powerful in the secular world. However, AM will evangelize and seek diligently for the leaders God has prepared to serve in His Kingdom. 

Jonathan has been joining the AM HQ's daily morning Bible study very diligently. He has expressed his hunger for the Word and the desire to grow and be equipped as a leader in God's Kingdom. 

Having AM registered at Harvard and then MIT will give great strength to Boston mission and bring a beautiful era of revival to the state. Please pray with AM for the approval of the application.