Group Evangelism Starts to Show Signs of Fruit in Washington, D.C

DC Group Evangelism

Bethel Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C., is pushing forth with its Sunday afternoon group evangelism going toward Easter.

The group effort began a few Sundays ago and has been continuing every Sunday after the service at 2 p.m.

"We are getting more contact information of people around the church community. We pray before the start of our evangelism and then go out together to reach as many people possible. We've been visiting metro stations and also nearby schools where there are a higher number of students and youth," said Bethel Church Minister Sam Kim.

Kim added, "Evangelizing as a group has a big benefit. Just as iron sharpens iron, being in a group setting challenges each other to reach out to more people and at the same time, provides encouragement when facing rejections."

The group has been handing out the church business cards and always made effort to receive the phone number and email address of those whom they meet.

"One brother whom Michelle evangelized ended up joining us for the evening service the same night. His name is Willard and it's amazing to see how God is working through us," commented Kim.

Please pray for Bethel Church to go powerfully toward Easter as they rely on God to reach out to every single soul in Washington, D.C.!