Ministry Focus

US Mission Focuses on Increasing Student Fellowships

United States

As a way of touching the lives of young people across the country, US Churches will more systematically organize mission efforts to increase the number of college student fellowships, Olivet Assembly USA said as it organizes its priorities for outreach.

Churches will seek to connect with university students to connect them to World Olivet Assembly's college student fellowships, AM Intl, Youth Evangelical Fellowship or Young Disciples of Jesus.

The effort to advance the fellowships come as Olivet Assembly seeks to match the growth and expansion of World Olivet Assembly in various areas related to mission and mission-support to expand God's Kingdom.

"We share the hope of WOA for fellowships do this part well and form a strong network for students," said an Olivet Assembly representative after a recent meeting with World Olivet Assembly.

We wish to use this as a chance and connect many students of good universities to fellowship bible studies. We want to let them join our church service and programs and at the same time, let them also follow fellowship guidance so they can be raised in two ways. Increase youth groups in your church.

Olivet Assembly believes younger people can readily adapt their lives to be disciples of Christ and urged mission representatives to aim for allowing churches to lead many to salvation in Jesus Christ and raise a new generation of Christian leaders.

Olivet Assembly USA will seek to make plans and systematic ways to allow churches to follow through on the initiative.

May God's will be done and may he find the people he is calling from universities who can find salvation in Jesus Christ and seek God's Kingdom.