Boston Church Starts Weekly Team Evangelism Until Easter

Boston Church and Fellowship Mission
(Photo : Boston |mmanuel Church)

Members of Boston Immanuel Community Church have continued to increase their evangelism efforts by making an evangelism team breaking through for mission goals until the Easter. For example, student leaders of the Harvard and MIT AM chapters have set their weekly standard of evangelism by joining evangelism with the minister of Immanuel Church. A leader of Boston Jubilee also has put her evangelism and efforts continuously with Boston Immanuel Church for finding more people in Boston University. 

A pair of church members have attended AM online services and Bible studies and set up evangelism standards even though the times available are very short because of their busy schedules. They are grateful that God has set them up for their school's mission and try their best to follow guidance from the church and AM Intl. 

Boston University mission has also grown week by week and the spiritual atmosphere of the campus has become better and better. Ministers went there on Fridays and prayed that God may open this campus with finding prepared people before the Easter. 
Please continue to pray for the mission in Boston until Easter.