Immanuel and OTM Holds Meeting at Bronx


Immanuel Community Church in New York recently held its first official meeting with Olivet Teen Mission at its Bronx location to address possible collaboration for mission in the area.

This meeting was joined by the representative of OTM and two interns, producing abundant fruit. An Immanuel minister began the meeting by addressing the need of children's programs in the neighborhood. She also shared the summary of the recent meeting with a local school official.

Based on the discussion summary, Immanuel and OTM shared various ideas that could attract participation of families and local children. One of those ideas is to offer a worship dance class on Saturdays.

One way to promote is to approach the local school and offer to volunteer at their school events and meet children and their parents. During the meeting, it was decided that Immanuel leadership will approach local schools to find out the school event calendar so that Immanuel and OTM can prepare in advance for the proper weekend programs, which will begin with a bible study.

Prior to their meeting, OTM joined Immanuel's weekend evangelism in the neighborhood and invited many people. Immanuel feels greatly strengthened by OTM joining the evangelism and the collaboration for the teen mission. Please continue to pray for the mission revival in the Bronx.