US Mission Seeks Expansion Toward Pentecost

Springtime Toward Pentecost

Seeking to make progress in US mission in the weeks before Pentecost, churches will be pushing in to share the gospel across the nation while co-working within their regions and Olivet Assembly leadership.

"While our mission, vision and goals and strategies to expand the mission in the United States and Canada are not necessarily new, the main challenge for the mission is to take concrete steps and action plans in the weeks ahead to match God's desire for revival across the nation, especially as Pentecost approaches," said an OA USA representative.  

Churches are setting their evangelism and program goals to guide believers toward greater commitment to Jesus Christ as church members and gaining a strong desire for living for God's Kingdom. Olivet Assembly USA is also preparing for the June 5 Olivet Leadership Institute Summer Session that aims to train new Christian leaders that will be active across churches and ministries that are a part of the Assembly.

Prayerful and diligent implementation of church growth strategies will be key across many church activities including ongling bible studies, outreach programs, establishment of fellowships and ministries. Communication between churches, regions and the denominational headquarters will be important in seeking a unified, yet diverse approach toward the mission.

"By trusting in God's providence that has given us all we need to make progress, we aim to go with diligence and fervor to make our Pentecost gatherings a time that marks a point of great victory for the Lord in sharing the gospel and dream for God's Kingdom to many people," said the OA representative.

OA USA urges prayers for advancement of the US mission.