As Pentecost Approaches, Testimonies of Holy Spirit Key to Sharing Gospel of Jesus

Holy Spirit
(Photo : Hickory Hardscrabble - Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic)

As Pentecost approaches testimonies about the work of the Holy Spirit in church members' lives will be important for sharing the Good News about what Jesus Christ is doing today. Pentecost is the time when the Holy Spirit poured out upon the Jesus' disciples and is seen as a point when the church first began.

OA USA churches from regions around the nations are looking forward to graceful testimonies from members and newcomers to churches and the various OA-related ministries as evangelism, outreach, bible studies and services are provided generously with the aim that just one more person may gain faith, salvation in Jesus Christ, and a hope for the Kingdom of God.

"May God deeply touch the hearts of believers to understand the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross to save the world from it sin, and come to see and know the resurrected Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit," said an OA representative.

Revival comes when the Holy Spirit works in the hearts of believers. It is hoped that many people can come to renew their relationship with Jesus and start new relationships with him during this period. May God bless the nation in the time ahead and that the work of the churches may bear fruit in Jesus Christ.