Mid-Atlantic Region Concludes 3-Day Easter Retreat

Mid-Atlantic Region Easter Retreat
(Photo : Olivet Assebmly Mid-Atlantic Region)

The Mid-Atlantic Region concluded its 3-day retreat on April 16 as members from Washington, D.C., Baltimore, MD, Richmond VA and Raleigh NC joined together to celebrate the risen Lord.

God revealed His abundant grace through the word of God at the 9 a.m. as congregants prepared early to praise God.

After the Easter Sunday service a testimony session took place where newcomers and existing members came out to testify Jesus.

"There were a few long time members who came out to share their testimony and they were very graceful. I was excited to also hear newcomers testify Jesus and what Jesus is doing in their lives," shared Bethel Church Minister Sam Kim.

"Ora Canady from Raleigh testified about how this retreat made her think once again about the meaning of the cross. She shared how the suffering and pain of Jesus wasn't something she thought much before.However, through joining the retreat, she got to think much more about the tears and pains of Christ that were behind carrying the cross," commented Kim.

Please pray for the Mid-Atlantic region to experience revival and growth going toward Pentecost!