St. Louis Jubilee Community Church Members Attend Community Outreach Event

Outreach Event
(Photo : St. Louis Jubilee Community Church)

St. Louis Jubilee Community Church members were invited to attend a community outreach event on April 22 which was held by a local church, as Jubilee Church members took the opportunity to get to know more about their neighbors.

"This event is very graceful. The local church gave us some g. So for us, we can use music as an outreach method to draw more young people," said one church member. We saw good ideas for how we should do outreach events in the future. During the event, many young people and teenagers showed very strong interest in the music

"It is really good that we could join the event. Though talking with the neighbors, I know more about the community. This will help us to serve the local community too," the church minister reflected.

Thank God for all the guidance. May God help the church grow greatly in quality and quantity.