Mid-Atlantic Evangelism Results Play Important Role in Future Plans

Aerial view of Capitol Hill and the National Mall in Washington, D.C.
(Photo : Library of Congress Prints and Photographs division)

Olivet Assembly USA Mid-Atlantic Region, which currently includes active mission in the nation's capital Washington DC, and the states of North Carolina and Virgina is counting closely the numbers of people reached during evangelism and also seeking to keep track of how many have shown interest in Bible studies and other church activities since a new evangelism contacts count strategy was implemented.

The evangelism effort and its fruit will play an important role in the future plans of how the region will gather and hold events such as retreats that will be used towards raising leaders.

Communication between the region headquarters in Washington DC, the city of Raleigh, North Carolina and the city of Richmond, Virgina is improving to more closely track results.

Leaders consider the results of evangelism and the ability of members to attend events away from their cities as important to planning joint events.

"We want to make sure each of our events is carefully planned as we assess the health and progress of each of our mission fields. With a careful understanding of how each of our churches are doing, we can better plan the future events that can help newcomers become members and eventually a leader," said Bethel Church Minister Sam Kim.

Upcoming events include Pentecost retreat, Olivet Leadership Institute's Training and Summer retreat.

Kim added, "Other than gatherings, we are also keeping in mind about interning at the regional headquarters and at Dover campus. We want to raise many newcomers into future leaders by teaching them the word of God."

Please pray for the region to focus on the mission through evangelism and Bible studies.