Southeast Region Focuses on Summer Evangelism and Pentecost Retreats

(Photo : OTRS)

The Southeast Region will go forward in the coming weeks focusing on Summer Evangelism and the Pentecost events ahead.

The Southeast Region will host a Pentecost event in each city. It will be an important gathering to invite people who were evangelized after Easter, giving them an opportunity to walk more closely with God and settling in a local church. The ministers of Atlanta Bethel Community Church, Birmingham Jubilee Evangelical Church and Nashville Jubilee Church have worked diligently to confirm the events' schedules and programs, invitations and prayers.

Regional churches are also reinforcing summer evangelism at universities. While there are fewer students at university campuses during the summertime, churches have a strategy to consider additional campuses for evangelism based on their summer school schedules. Churches will aim to find the most effective time to do regular outreach at universities to establish campus mission in new locations.

Conferences and active communications will follow up on these topics.