Outreach: Atlanta Cooking Class Filled with Life Sharing Beyond Food

Phat Thai kung sot
(Photo : Takeaway (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported -

Atlanta Bethel Community Church's 'Authentic Asian Cooking class' was held on May 20th for the last session of the current season. The cooking class began last September and continued every third Saturday of the month. Several participants joined recently to make 'Phat-Thai'.

After class, they all cleaned together and a ministershared her testimony with two participants, then invited them to service and bible study. The cooking class students listened really carefully and showed their interest.

The ministers began the outreach with a plan to invite neighbors and allow church members to feel closer to the church. At almost every cooking event, there was a new visitor that joined and a member of the congregation that volunteered to teach.

"It was a great opportunity to have members and new people attend church to share about cooking," a minister said. "For ladies, times spent making a meal is not just about food but about life sharing. During cooking class, people opened their hearts easily. What started as light talk went deeper and eventually they shared more about their life issues and prayer. While at times it was not easy to prepare class since there are many other ministry activities, God used this class for members and newcomers to become closer and more involved," the minister shared.

Church will not be holding the cooking class during the summertime.