US and Canada Mission Conference, OLI Conclude Successfully: OA USA Exhorts Church Members to Know God's Grace in Jesus Christ


The successful conclusion of a key mission conference and leadership training session have prompted Olivet Assembly USA to exhort ministers and members across the country in their respective states and local churches to reflect deeply on the forgiveness of sin from God in Jesus Christ so that each person may live with gratitude in the second half of 2017.

As the halfway-point of the year approaches, heading toward the General Assembly in October and the conclusion of 2017, OA USA is pointing its leaders in members to consider what Jesus Christ has al ready done for them.

"The word of God tells us that through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and his shed blood for us, we have been forgiven and freely justified in the eyes of God. His Word tells us that he has left the sins committed beforehand unpunished," said the P. Francis Helguero, the OA USA President.

He urged that all work for mission be done with thankfulness and confidence that God has approved belivers, noting that Romans 2:26, tells us that God "justifies those who have faith in Jesus."

The exhortation comes at the conclusion of two important events with deep significance for the life of faith of all members and for the United States mission, the US and Canada Mission Conference, and the summer session of the Olivet Leadership Institute.

At the mission conference, which concluded after a 4-day session from June 19-22, state representatives ministering across the country received guidance to teach the bible simply, explaining clearly about the grand panorama of the bible from creation and the fall of man, to the salvation by Jesus Christ and the coming of God's Kingdom. State representatives and church ministers were also guided to know well the history of the Christian church, especially with regard to the Reformed tradition and meditate on OA USA's biblical foundations in Jesus Christ and how that has guided the denomination until now.

At the Olivet Leadership Institute's summer session from June 5-18, young leaders who are committed members in local churches and have a strong sense of calling to serve ministry had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a two-week session that focused strongly on biblical teaching. Experienced teachers shared bible messages from the books of Romans, Genesis, Exodus and the Gospels. By focusing strongly on the biblical foundations, the young leaders, several of whom were already devoting themselves to ministry, and those who would begin new internships soon, could gain the spiritual strength to take on their new challenges in serving to help spread the gospel in the United States and around the world.

The two events serve as reminders of the grace of God being poured out to the Assembly and a confirmation that the Holy Spirit is helping the members to carry out their God-given commission to make disciples of all nations, standing on the foundation of Jesus Christ. Please pray for the second half of the year to bear fruit as more people commit their lives to Jesus Christ in the remainder of the year.