OA US Reorganizes General Office, Senior Management

Olivet Assembly USA
(Photo : OA USA)

The Olivet Assembly USA general office has reorganized its departments and senior management to provide better oversight and care for missions across the United States.

At a recent staff meeting, areas of concentration for OA-related work were established and staff were assigned. The areas include the Media and Publications department, the Churches and Missions Department, the General Affairs Department (which currently includes the IT & Design Department), the Business Management Department and Ministries Department.

"Our meeting today was successful because I believe God gave us the heart to work together. I hope we can co-work with a lot of passion to save many souls," said Pastor Gerardo Francis Helguero, President of OA.

The reorganization will allow OA to group operations into fewer departments to facilitate strategic planning, efficient operations and successful results.

As one of the top priorities in the office, P Francis emphasized that it is crucial to improve the reporting system which will allow OA to have a clear view of what is happening in the churches. 

"God makes things grow. The work that we do is the sowing and watering, so how do we make that work more effective?" he added. He also directed the staff to make a plan and a strategy to develop each of the departments.