Southeast Regional Churches - Fellowship Activities & Mission Objectives

Southeast Regional Activities

The Southeast Regional Churches have wasted no time enlarging the place of their tents, lengthening their cords, and strengthening their stakes (Isaiah 54:2). The churches have been actively encouraging their members and seeking lost sheep for the Kingdom of God. Inspired by the recent US & Canada Mission Conference, each church is preparing for a bountiful Fall harvest in their mission fields.

Jubilee Church (Nashville, TN) has resumed evangelism on Vanderbilt University's campus in the hopes of saving more souls and finding new leaders. Currently, a YEF leader began leading Bible Studies on campus, and church ministers are looking for potential leaders to send to OLI. Jubilee Church is also eagerly preparing for their Praise & Worship Night, which will be held at the end of July. Additionally, the church is offering language classes and guitar classes for the community.

Atlanta Bethel Community Church (Atlanta, GA) is following-up on their renewed strategies for young adult outreach. The church believes that fellowship is the best way to bridge God and His people, and has planned their summer accordingly. Last week, the Atlanta Bethel hosted a July 4th lunch, where students and church members enjoyed food, played games, and shared the history of their church.

Moreover, young leaders in the Atlanta Bethel church have taken the initiative to hold more fellowship events. Led by Atlanta YEF, Bethel Church will hold monthly events for members ages 18-40, which includes activities such as their July 8th trip to Stone Mountain Theme Park. Additionally, a missionary will also lead a monthly sports fellowship, where church members and friends will gather to play basketball, ultimate Frisbee and other sports. Moving forward, Atlanta Bethel Church is planning to host monthly movie events as well, in response to YEF Atlanta's earlier success. Through fellowships, they hope to share the love of God with one another and become the true family of Christ. 

As they set out to fulfill their goals for the remainder of the year, we hope that they press onward with mountain-moving faith. Please pray for the success of the Southeast Regional Mission.