San Francsico Gratia Community Church Discusses Fellowship and Evangelism Goals

San Francisco

Gratia Community Church in San Francisco is actively in pursuit of its fellowship and evangelism goals. This year, the church strives to increase its committed members and registered members. The church has recently scheduled a 40-day Bible study in which members will gather daily for 2 - 3 hours to study the Word.

Starting next week, every Wednesday and Friday, an SF church minister and a church member will evangelize at San Francisco State University every afternoon, followed Bible study from 4pm - 6pm. It is with eager expectation that the evangelists seek souls thirsty for the Truth of God's Word. 

Additionally, every Saturday morning, Gratia members gather from 10am - 12pm to study the Bible, followed by lunch and music evangelism events from 12:30-2:30pm. Saturday evenings, the Sunday Worship teams practice and fellowship from 3pm - 5pm. 

The minister plans increase his service through evangelism, discipleship training, and various church activities.  

Please pray that the Gratia Community Church, by God's grace, meet their 2017 goals and fulfill their purpose for their region.